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Your home may be worth a lot more than you think

Real estate lost a lot of value during the recession but most areas have rebounded considerably.  In some cases, the homes are worth more than they were before the housing bubble burst. The dynamics are classic for this type of market: inventories are low, mortgage rates are low and demand is high.  All price ranges […]

  • Community Events

    Amazing Women's Luncheon
    5-24-17 6:00 pm - Brandywine Kitchen
    Amazing Women of Bellingham

    The fourth (4th) Tuesday of every month, a group of us converges on Giuseppe's Ristorante Italiano, our new location for this lunch! We laugh, talk, make new friends and have opportunities for deeper connections – as well as monthly surprises...

    Baby Steps Get You There Too!
    5-24-17 6:00 pm - Brandywine Kitchen
    Bellingham's Best

    It's all about moving forward. It doesn't matter how big the step, what matters that is you are moving forward with intention. Look at where taking baby steps got us!Often when I look back to see where I've been, I'm amazing at the progress I've...

    May Space Enthusiast Meetup
    5-24-17 6:00 pm - Brandywine Kitchen
    Bellingham Space Enthusiasts

    We'll start the event off with a short presentation that covers recent space-related news as well as what to look forward to in the near future. After the presentation wraps up, we'll choose conversation topics for breakout groups and then delve...